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Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
AssistantShu-Chin Lai1662llai@nkut.edu.tw1. Insurance and Civil Service Pension Fund.

2. Teachers promotion.

3. Teachers grievance.

4. Teachers reward and punishment.

5. Teachers recruitment.

6. On-job advanced study.

7. Retirement and pension payments.

8. Personnel data management for Ministry of Education.

9. Part-time-job students management.

10. Other personnel related matters.
AssistantPei-Yu Chien1668cpy@nkut.edu.tw1. Staff evaluation.

2. Staff recruitment, appointment, and discharge.

3. Staff Grievance.

4. Faculty & Staff Public Errand.

5. Maintaining and update the Web.

6. Management Personnel office property.

7. E-document forwarding.

8. Regulations revising.

9. Faculty and staff training.

10. Attendance management.

11. Staff Reward and punishment.

12. Rewards for Excellent Senior Teachers.

13. Other personnel related matters.
Associate ClerkHsiang-Chi Lin1665sasha@nkut.edu.tw1. Salary determination.

2. Contract issues on NKUT Project assistant.

3. Employment certificate.

4. Insurance and other benefits.

5. Other personnel related matters.
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